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    Wiley is headquartered in Hoboken, NJ, USA, with offices in many international locations including Oxford and Chichester, UK; Boston, MA, USA; Weinheim and Berlin, Germany; Copenhagen, Denmark; Singapore; Melbourne, Australia; Tokyo, Japan; and Beijing, China.


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    For more information about how you can join the growing number of scholarly and professional associations and organizations that choose to publish with Wiley, or to request a full proposal, please contact:



    Deb Wyatt.jpg

    Deb Wyatt,

    All subjects - Asia-Pacific

    VP, Publishing Director Asia Pacific


    Maria Khan.jpg

    Maria Khan,

    Health Sciences

    Society Publishing Director

    Sarah Oates.jpg

    Sarah Oates,

    Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities

    Society Publishing Director

    United States

    Colette Bean.png


    Colette Bean,

    Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities

    VP and Society Publishing Director

    Shawn Morton.jpg

    Shawn Morton,

    Health Sciences

    VP and Society Publishing Director



    David Nicholson,

    All subjects

    VP of Society Business Development




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    Transfer Code of Practice

    Wiley endorses the latest version of the NISO Transfer Code of Practice. The Code outlines “best practice” for the transfer of digital content files, subscription lists, and other journal assets during a change in publisher, publishing platform, or owner.


    As an endorsing publisher and using commercially-reasonable efforts, Wiley commits to meeting the standards of the code in all journal transfers we are involved.