Text Data Mining (TDM)

Version 1



    How to get started downloading articles for Text Data Mining (TDM)?




    Wiley uses the Crossref TDM service to enable bulk access to content for TDM purposes. This ensures that users are made aware of the terms and conditions under which content is made available. Our policy page provides more detail on this. In order to use the TDM application you must have a click-through client token which you get from Crossref. To get a token, you will need to log in to the Crossref service using your ORCID identifier.


    In summary, the process is:

    1. Obtain an ORCID
    2. Accept the Wiley click-through license at Crossref
    3. Obtain a Click-through client token from Crossref
    4. Identify relevant articles
    5. Download articles.


    You may click on the attachment below for more information on the above steps.