FAQs for Getting Started

Version 2
    What does it mean to “Follow”?If you click the “Follow” button at the top right corner of a space, it means that you will receive notifications (either by email or activity stream) whenever there is activity in that community.  Frequency of alerts can be set in your preferences.
    How do I change preferences?Click on your name (in the upper left hand corner) and select “Preferences”.
    What are the recommended preferences settings?preferences.png
    How do I subscribe to email notifications?Select the “Register” button at the top and fill out registration form.  Then go to Preferences (which appears when you click on your name) and complete your preferences as recommended above.  On the homepage of the community, select the “Follow” button to receive email alerts.
    What are connections? And how do I make them?Connections are the people you are following, who are also following you.  To see your connections, click your name and go to your profile. You’ll see your connections and who you are following and who's following you. To view your followers, simply click on followers and see the full list. To follow new user, you can hover your mouse over their avatar and a pop-up window will appear with the follow option.  Or you can hit the “S” button and a search window will appear and you can search for the user by name and then follow.
    How do I direct message?Direct messages are a way to communicate privately and are only possible if you are connected to that individual. The notifications will appear in your alerts inbox, which can be reached by selecting the alerts button in the top right of your screen.  You can also enable email notifications for them in Preferences setting under your name.
    How do I see what communities I belong to?Click on your name and select “My Communities” in the pop-up window.  You can then filter on the right hand side by all communities visible to you, or just those that you are following.  You can also filter by the projects or groups to which you belong.
    What does it mean to @mention?You can @mention a person, place, or piece of content. Type @ and then start typing the document title, place, or person’s name and then select from the drop-down list that appears. This will create a link to the content or place, and deliver a notification to the person’s activity page or email inbox (depending on individual's settings).
    Why can’t I comment or respond to a poll?Certain activities, like commenting and polling require user registration.  Downloading white papers will require a secondary level of registration.
    How do I retrieve my password/username?On the login page, follow the link to “I forgot my password” or “I forgot my username” to reset your password or retrieve your username.  Or contact your administrator. You can also remain logged in, by selecting the tickbox “Keep me logged in” to avoid reentering your login details each time.
    How do I change my password?Click on your name and select “Change Password”.
    How do I view all content?Under “Popular Content” on the homepage select “All Content” or select “Browse all content” above the Trending tile of the homepage. You can then filter by tags, content types, text, or sort by activity.