Customer Support FAQs

Version 3

    Contacting Customer Support

    In Wiley Customer Support you can search to see if your query is answered in our database of frequently asked questions, or if another user has asked the same question in our community.

    If you do not find an article that answers your question, you will see an option to Ask the Community, Email Customer Support, or Chat With Us*


    By selecting a support community from the drop-down menu, you can navigate to dedicated support sites and resources for a wide rage of Wiley products, and find details of how to contact more specialised support for your product or service.


    *Live Chat is not currently available in all regions.


    What is ‘Ask the Community’?

    Selecting ‘Ask the Community’ from our Customer Support pages will allow you to publicly post a question or comment to our support forum. You may receive an answer from another Wiley customer, a member of staff, or one of our Customer Support team.

    We will send you an email notification if a new comment or reply is posted to a question you have asked in the community. You can control the frequency of email alerts from your profile page.

    If we believe your query should be answered privately, we will lock the discussion in the public forum, create a support case on your behalf, and correspond with you directly by email.

    We may update your original discussion with support advice to help other users who may have the same question


    Who can see my personal details?

    You have complete control over your personal details on the Wiley Community.

    Our community quick-start guide provides details on how to change your privacy settings


    Why do I have to register to Email Customer Support?

    So that we can provide you with the best service, we request a few details from you, such as your name, email address and country of residence. This will enable us to respond to your query with the appropriate information.


    Terms of Use

    Please refer to the current terms of use for our Customer Communities