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John Johnson
I have searched google and tried to resolve this on my own, but it is driving me crazy.... Please see the pic... EntityType 'Album' has no key assigned....   It seems like every time I purchase… (Show more)
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Stefan Johansson
Hello,   Are you planing for new titles like "Beginning SharePoint 2013: Building Business Solutions" but for SharePoint 2016? If you do, when will it be released?   Yours sincerely Stefan… (Show more)
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Jorrit Geerlings
I found a fault in table 4-6 of the textbook on page 103.The logical operators are in the wrong column; VB operators are stored in the C# section and vice versa.   Greets Jorrit
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Nick Feakes
I bought the above book and am unable to use Visual Studio Express to work through the examples as the menu item the book requires me to select (File - New Web Site) is no longer there.  Anyone know… (Show more)
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Daryl Lee
I'm working through Professional CUDA C Programming, and in Chapter 3 I run the simpleDivergence program, but it fails immediately.  My test is on a Tegra with a GK20A device.  Any ideas would be… (Show more)
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David Lam
     I open the "Wrox SSRS 2016 Report Solution" and there are three data source. I have install the database and the Analysis (MDX). But here is the Tabular version of the database.   Thanks
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Mike Brisson
Can't seem to get the WebView app to run from Chapter 6.  I keep getting this error:   Error:(12) No resource identifier found for attribute 'layout_constraintLeft_toLeftOf' in package… (Show more)
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David Starr
After build example and web site, I open the man directory in WebApplication1 and get Visual Studio 2015\Projects\Msft Wrox ProC# 2012\ch39-aspnetcore\ASPNETCore\HandlerSample\WebApplication1  … (Show more)
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