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Alaa Kishmish
Hello,   I had an assignment that was due by 6:30, and I finished about 80% of it, but never submitted it. I assumed it would automatically submit by the due date, but my grade book said I got a 0… (Show more)
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Sandra Rodriguez
I understand the X-BASS is moving to an online, web-based platform. Is that available for purchase now? If so, how do I go about ordering it?
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Fortunate Hove
Professional Cooking  Chapter 22: Help me with an explanation as to why my very last quiz on Wiley Plus seemed structured differently in that it would save my answers without showing whether I had… (Show more)
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Steffi Mammen
I was In a 14 day free trial. I did my assignments on free trial. After the trial i recieved a mail that the free trial was over. I wasnt having enough cash to renew it. So i didnt do it   Today i… (Show more)
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Kevin Seet
There is an access code included in my copy of Keith Fitschen's Building Reliable Trading Systems : Tradeable Strategies That Perform as They Backtest and Meet Your Risk-Reward Goals (ISBN:… (Show more)
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Sabrina Henriques
Hello, I am trying to complete a quiz on whey for one of my courses and its acting weird. the quiz answers are not saving and the time is not counting down, I have been on the quiz for more than the… (Show more)
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Jordan Fallon
Hi. I enrolled in the wrong class session and I can figure out how to change it and my professor told me to email customer support but it doesnt seem like it worked. Can someone please help?
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Fernando Frio Jr
I've  decided to do my Math A1.1 Homework given to us by our Prof. It is timed by 120 mins, but as I answer it halfway through, an error occured. It said that there is  a warning of 5 mins remaining… (Show more)
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Otobong Jonah
Hello,i signed up for a class with a registration code and changed to a different section of the same course and i do not know what to do for a new code. i have not done any assignments with this… (Show more)
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