• Acces code VCA-DCV

    Hi all I purchased the VCA - DCV brand new from amazon book depository and i cannot find the code for the access to the interactive learning enviroment at sybextestbank.wiley.com.   Thanks
  • Leadership Practices Inventory: Self, 5th Edition

    Hello, does the above text, include LPI for self and others (360) instrument?   Appreciate if I can get more details about the text, and TOC.
    Abderrahmane Guidoum
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  • Account creation didn't work as expected

    Hello,   I have purchased an AWS Certified Solution Architect book. Went through the creation of the account and got the access code. Unfortunately something bad must have happened and I can no longer register a...
    Francesco Vannini
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  • Access 2016 Bible Sample Files

    Hi,   I have seen a couple of posts already and they are locked on the Access 2016 Bible Sample files not being available with no results. How can I get the sample files. The link on the page: Wiley: Access 201...
    Brad Goodwin
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  • I need a new access code!

    I have lost my access code and I need to get a new one. I know that neither I nor anyone else has used it.
    Kolby Pardini
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  • Ebook if I purchased physical copy of the book

    A while back I purchased a physical copy of a book and managed to get this as a free ebook.   I recently purchased a physical copy of Customer Success by Nick Mehta, can I download this as an ebook for free?
    Rob Elphick
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  • c++ for everyone web chapters. where?

    I've bought Mr Horstmann book C++ for everyone and from chapter 11 says "The Following Chapters are Available Online Only." In the students site there is only Access to the source code. Lecture clides are not accessi...
    Alessandro Galletto
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  • Wiley book not indexed in Scopus

    Dear Madame/SIr,   This is my second time I am asking Wiley´s assistance on this issue in two years! I would like to request that the book Solution Sets for Net‐Zero Energy Buildings: Feedback from 30 Bui...
    Daniel Aelenei
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  • Financial Planning and Analysis and Perfomance Management, website content - wrong password

    How do I get a password to a website from a book: Financial Planning and Analysis and Performance Management, from Jack Alexander (wiley.com/go/fpapm)???? I bought this book and tried many times the password that the...
    Gustavo Abrantes
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  • WileyPLUS - Student: Question Assistance Policies

    Is it possible for WileyPlus to enable me to submit answers to my assignments. It says "View. With assistance" and I can only view the homework assignment. Is there anyone I can email for this issue?
    Margarita Andreatos
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  • How do I open Selby's 'California' which I have paid for using a credit card on-line?

    Question  as above
    Ian Lawson
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  • Wiley has an infernally complicated system for discouraging would-be buyers of books!

    I have tried and, eventually, succeeded in paying for Selby's 'discovering the golden state of California. I now need to know how I open it!
    Ian Lawson
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  • Product code - where to find

    Hi   I just bought a Dummies book (new) but I don´t know where to find the product code needed to access the test bank on the website.   Thanks for help,   Christian
    Christian Celsing
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  • Dear Sirs

    I tried to get access to test bank included in  book   Java OCA 8 Programmer I Study Guide The book has 3  practise exams , that should be accessible http://www.sybex.com/go/ocajavase8   but afte...
    Zbigniew Lupina
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  • Redeem access code for CCSP practice exams and flashcards

    Hi,   I've bought the CCSP official study guide a while ago. I do now intend to seriously study it to pass the certification exam. When trying to connect back to the Wiley online resources, I'm asking to "ree...
    Thierry Notermans
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  • Indexing of Wiley book series on Scopus

    Hi,   In Italy, researchers and professor are regularly evaluated on their publishing performances. This happens for career development, funding, participation to boards, etc. Several indexes are taken in accoun...
    Marco Aldinucci
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  • Colisto / The CIO Playbook companion website

    Hi,   Can anyone point me in the right direction for the active URL for the companion website for the CIO PLAYBOOK?   I purchased the CIO Playbook from Audible last week and have searched both google and t...
    Richard Overton
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  • E-Text book Bookshelf-vitalsource -

    Hello, I purchased an e-book titled 'IT Project Management'     Your redemption code is: 2CFKKRGPDQ4F7EX8J6SQ - and you deactivated accidently yesterday - need to restore my book shortly   I was told...
    N. B.
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  • indexing book series in Scopus

    Dear colleagues, I would like to request that the book Linear Models and Time-Series Analysis: Regression, ANOVA, ARMA and GARCH (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics) by M. Paolella be indexed in Scopus. It co...
    Mikhail Stolbov
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  • Unable to access to gmat.wiley.com

    Hi, I've not been able to acceess to the test bank since yesterday,  the responses have been ERR_TIMED_OUT   Is it just me or there's something wrong with the server? I've tried clearing my cache and cook...
    Yangrong Pan
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