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Thelma Eden
HI, What is the email address participants receive an email from for the LPI 360? is it notifications@LPI.com? Thanks!
in Customer Support: LPI
Jana Ryals
This is the first time I have used the system since pre-work tokens and LPI tokens have been combined.   I tried to create a folder under Pre-work for our upcoming session and enroll participants;… (Show more)
in Customer Support: LPI
Claire McCormack
Hi Chrys   I am struggling with setting up the LPI 360+ reassessment.   I have Leaders who have changed roles, and therefore need to change their observers from who they used in the original LPI… (Show more)
in Customer Support: LPI
Brian Warren
My client has finished the first part of the LPI 360+ and it has been one year. I am wondering how I initiate the second part of the LPI 360+ in the process.
in Customer Support: LPI
Tony Brown
I have a batch of leaders with their LPI360+ reassessments coming up. The status in the dashboard shows as "Awaiting Acceptance" and "Pending Launch" for each participant. Does the system… (Show more)
in Customer Support: LPI
Lawrence Harden
Hi Lawrence   I have a question. With a recent 360+ can a leader get additional responses and have me rerun the report without it counting as their 2nd report? How should I do this?
in Customer Support: LPI
John Armstrong
If I download a report and Observers add to the report a few days late, can I rerun the report? 
in Customer Support: LPI