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Makenna Adrain
I just purchased a textbook with an iProfile Canadian 1.0 registration code brand new and sealed from the SFU bookstore, but when I try to register online  at http://iprofilecdn.wiley.com (Links to… (Show more)
Sandeep Singh
I am unable to activate online content linked with 'AWS Certified Solutions Architect Study Guide - Second Edition' online. The PIN I receive in the email does not work showing a message 'Invalid… (Show more)
Manfred Berndtgen
This seems to be a familar problem: I want to register my book (AWS Certified Solutions Architect Study Guide, 2nd ed.; ISBN 987-1-119-50421-4), managed to receive that e-mail that got me an access… (Show more)
Eliezio Oliveira
In the page:   Wiley Efficient Learning - Pin Activation Page | Wiley Efficient Learning   I'm entering the Access Code I've received via email, it fails with the error message "Invalid… (Show more)
Arlene Melfar
I can't access CulinrE-Companion. I have typed the correct registration code but it always says that i have mistyped it. I never mistyped it.
Earle Myers
I am using the Power Point slides for my Anatomy Physiology text but cannot open the animation slides. I am in Slide show mode and have minimized my browser. Any suggestions?
Liam Wright
How do you view lesson assesments/test bank sessions/practice exams which have been archived?  How does one access the archive?
marilyn cote
i need a price quote - do you have a direct email address to someone???
Jeongmin Heo
Recently, I am studying circuit analysis with the book "Engineering circuit analysis", 11e, ISV, wrote by Irwin. But while I was solving P2.21, I coudn't find where the V0 is from. In solution, they… (Show more)
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