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Announcement:Ask A Question / Email Customer Support issues:  18 January
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Wes Nelson
I purchased an Excel for dummies book and went to enter the access code only to find out that it was invalid. This is the first time I have ever tried to use the access code.
Henry Bruce
Photoshop Elements 2018 Book indicates that upon request Wiley will send me a Cheat Sheet for PSE 2018.   How can I obtain it?   Henry Bruce
Jon Hitchcock
I followed the Errata Form link from Statistical Analysis with R For Dummies:Book Information and Code Download - For Dummies but was not sure what to do, so I am starting this discussion. I believe… (Show more)
Baylie ADams
So I got the book in December (maybe early November) and I am just now getting around to activating it. IT WON'T LET ME DO IT. When i go to register and type in my PIN it says that the pin is invalid.… (Show more)
Chloe Grantham
hi there   i noticed other people struggled with registering for their online practice for the book mentioned above. mine is also not working and would love to access it ASAP before an exam.  … (Show more)
Malcolm Campbell
Recently became interested in maths again and wanted to try some basic trigonometry.   Working through the example: Locating a Wildfire starting on page 255 I found the calculations in part 4 to be… (Show more)
Geoffrey Moore
Cannot download Video tracks for Harmonica for dummies. Times out . Audio tracks download fine.  Windows 10 operating system
Ed Woo
I did not see this in the errata page; so just checking with you whether anyone reported the following:   At step 4:   for item in items: ..... I do not see the 5 different methods in my ipython… (Show more)
Liam Campbell
A similar question was asked by user Louis Yang on Sep 25, 2017 , (I have classical guitar for dummies but no cd.  How do I purchase CD only? )   The answer, given by user Tom With Wiley, That's an… (Show more)
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