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William Koops
I have read *Limited Liability Companies for Dummies*. The text frequently refers to online resources at www.docrun.com/dummies .  The link does not work. Where are those resources?
Domenick Mariano
I purchased Excel VBA Programming for Dummies 4th Edition. The book instructs me to go to http://dummies.com/extras/excelvbaprogramming to download the additional content and sample files (preferable… (Show more)
Jason Borges
I recently bought the Chinese for Dummies 3rd Edition by Dr. Wendy Abraham.  In it, it says to just go to www.dummies.com/go/chinese (on page 4) and you can access online audio tracks that accompany… (Show more)
Eric Hess
can not checkout and pay, said there is a problem confirming info. I have created an account as well and still a problem.
Claudia Alvarado
Hi! I recently purchased the "Japanese for Dummies" 3 Edition book. It mentions that I should go to the www.dummies.com/go/japanese and www.dummies.com/go/japanesefd websites for extra audio… (Show more)
Stephen Venneman
Hey, there seem to be several tips/instructions/steps in the book that do not match the version of Adobe Illustrator CC I downloaded last week. Does anyone have a list of these changes, so I can note… (Show more)
Simon Owen
I have purchased Arabic for dummies. It refers to the "talk the talk" dialogues being available online at www.dummies.com/go/arabicfd when I try to access this address it redirects me to the page… (Show more)
Eric Williams
Trying to update my info on the new material platform for all my training and can't find my original email with the registration number in it and need it resent if possible
Eric Williams
Trying to update my info on the new material platform for all my A+ training and my codes in the original emails won't work,, need re-issued if possible
Rebecca Skidmore
Hi,   I'm logged into the Wiley, but I can't log into the Cochrane Library to save my searches.   E: ahmed.abou-setta@umanitoba.ca   Thanks.
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