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Diego Zanga
CISSP pratice test are not available at: http://www.dummies.com/go/cisspfd5e     anyone knows where they were moved to?   thanks..
Lisa Andrews
I' am Using Access Code provided in Windows 8 for Dummies eLearning Kit, and getting error "The access code you entered is for invalid course: please contact support". Can not use CD, or access… (Show more)
Vilnis Caks
I cannot find the location for these labs> books state them under www.dummies.com/go/aplusaio found no such site???
Josey Valenzuela
Hello! Recently, I bought a brand new access code for iProfile 3.0. When I followed the instructions inside, I couldn't find the login for iProfile 3.0. I could only find iProfile 3.1 mobile. Are… (Show more)
Josi Miller
What is the focus plane indicator? I see it on my camera body and know generally its purpose, but where does it show on the viewfinder or live view and how do you use it?  The book does not seem to… (Show more)
Vilnis Caks
I just bought the COMPTIA A+ Cert book, 4th edition. Scratched off the pin access code but it says it is not valid?????? ( Supposed to give access to sample tests.)   Can any one help me???
Barry Myer
For instance when I execute ALT+F11 I do not get the VBE.  I just get a bunch of numbers and letters superimposed on the ribbon.  What am I doing wrong?
Kyra Avery
I just brought the 2016/2017 ASVAB for dummies (including 1 year access to online practice test) a month ago. Finally got to open the book and go online and the code doesn't work. I'm ready to study… (Show more)
Alexander Finiarel
I'm trying to get the rights to publish a translation of "A defense of abortion" by Judith Tomson into Russian but the registerlink is unavaliable for this article since it is too old and I cannot… (Show more)
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