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Christopher Ruel
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woman at computer and dog.jpgRecently, we shared a list of titles educators were reading this summer. That list was a mix of pleasure reads and more serious topics. Now, as a new academic year is set to begin, we bring you a number of articles and books educators have read and found very helpful in their professional development. We hope you find value and a few practical ideas you can use this coming year.


"We live and breathe on email. This article gives you something good to think about as you try to develop your "work/life" balance! I told my team that we might initiate EFT (Email Free Thursday)! This would allow us a dedicated day for projects and focused work while leaving Friday to catch up on email and prepare for the following week.” How to Be A Success At Everything - Brad Prince, Associate Dean at Richards College of Business at University of West Georgia


“I used this study to support the creation of an accounting internship course. Like many of you, our mission at Schoolcraft College is to transform lives, not just teach subjects. I found it interesting how education can lead to a happy, more purposeful life long after college has ended.” Great Jobs, Great Lives - Michelle Randall, Associate Professor of Accounting at Schoolcraft College

“I found this book very informative for those looking to teach STEM disciplines differently.” A New Biology - Maryam Bamshad, Associate Professor at Lehman College

Here is an article about the flipped classroom and how it improved grades by a whole letter grade!” Flipped Learning Improves How Students Perceive Ability To Learn Physics - DeAnna Kirchen, Accounting Professor at Santiago Canyon College

“This is really interesting in terms of teaching/coaching/leading. What resonated with me is that you need to be "doing what you preach" on a daily basis. You need to be able to execute what you write up on paper and not be afraid to take chances. If you want your students to step outside of their comfort zone, you have to create a culture and environment that models that. Good food for thought.” Cultures Beat Policies Every Time - Doug Petrick, High School Physics Teacher at Upper St Clair High School

“Our online demand for undergrad classes is going up, but see the following.” Supply is up in online ed but demand is down — now what? - Sandra Byrd, Professor at Missouri State University

I thought the following article was interesting - there's a lot in here.” Lessons About Online Learning  - Chris Hromalik, Associate Professor of Spanish at Onondaga Community College

"I like learning how we learn.” What Is Math Rigor? - Joseph Vignolini, JK-12 Mathematics Chair at Flint Hill School

Training in realistic expectations was supposed to adjust students' expectations of how hard STEM classes were going to be but ended up working in paradoxical ways: students became more confident (over confident?) and optimistic, and their GPA went down. "Realistic Expectations" might not be the panacea after all.” Encouraging Realistic Expectations in STEM Students: Paradoxical Effects of a Motivational Intervention  - Susana Velez-Castrillon, Assistant Professor of Management at University of West Georgia

Have you found a great article or book that has changed the way you think about your role as an educator or the strategies you use when teaching your courses? Put a link in the comments below to share with your colleagues.


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