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Claire O'Neill
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iStock-182853979.jpgAs we look towards the future, early career librarians represent a new kind of librarianship; one that’s accustomed to rapid change, quickly-advancing technology, and the need for instant digestible answers.


These emerging professionals bring new skills, new perspectives, and a modern take to their libraries, enabling them to face challenges that are unique to those faced by previous generations. They are armed with the ability to adapt to change and anticipate the complex needs of researchers, students and everyday readers.


Empowering early career librarians to have a voice within the community is critical to paving the path forward and ensuring a strong base of thought leaders for the future.


That’s where we want to help.


The Wiley Librarian Scholarship Award


A couple months ago, Wiley offered $1,000 travel grants (each) to two early career librarians to attend the 2018 Charleston Library Conference. The Wiley Librarian Scholarship Award not only provided these individuals with the chance to engage and network at the Conference, but it also gave them the opportunity to leverage The Wiley Network as a platform to address the library topics that are meaningful to them.


Announcing the Winners and the Early Career Librarian Blog Series


Congratulations to Rachel Becker and Jennifer Wilhelm, the winners of the 2018 Wiley Librarian Scholarship Award! Rachel and Jen attended the Charleston Conference in November and after meeting them, we are even more excited to share their insights on current library topics with The Wiley Network!


On every other Friday of the next four months, Rachel and Jen will share their perspectives as early career librarians on a variety of topics that are important to the community, including copyright, STEM, the digital age and more.



About the Authors



Rachel Becker recently accepted a new position as the Copyright and Emerging Technologies Librarian for the Madison Area Technical College Libraries in Madison Wisconsin. Rachel’s personal academic passion is copyright and fair use, and she believes strongly in advocating for the campus library and the collaboration between technical and public services librarians.









Jennifer Wilhelm.JPG

Jennifer Wilhelm is the Business Librarian for Information and Operations Management as well as an assistant professor at Texas A&M University. Jen believes in the collaboration between academic and public librarians, and she’s passionate about various topics including the need for STEM for adults and meeting students where they are digitally so they can participate in instruction at the most successful level.





Stay tuned!


We are excited to learn more about these current topics and expand our perspectives with the help of these early career librarians. Thank you, Rachel and Jen!