Fiona O'Connor
Fiona O'Connor
Society Marketing, Wiley

Wiley Editor Academy.jpgEditors play a vital role in the scientific community. Every day, editors make decisions around which research to feature in their journals, influencing what busy readers have access to, and ultimately the direction of future research.


The publishing landscape is constantly changing and editors must stay atop of new trends, policies, and best practices to keep a journal relevant and impactful within the research community. Finding time for the day-to-day tasks, as well as building long-term journal strategy can be challenging for any editor, from a seasoned veteran to someone new to the job.


We’re here to make things a bit easier. Through a series of free, interactive learning modules, Wiley Editor Academy will enable editors to better understand publishing ethics and best practice principles, learn how to attract high quality content from expert authors and contributors, and grow impact, reputation, and market share. Wiley developed Wiley Editor Academy to support journal editors as they grow the reach and profile of their publications and it will be available exclusively to editors of journals published by Wiley.


Written and presented by a global network of subject matter experts, this self-paced, modular, digital learning experience offers rich, interactive media content and continuous assessment, as well as collaboration and networking opportunities.


The course enables new and experienced editors to stay up to date with best practices in journal management and development, ethics, peer review, and commissioning, with new tools for measuring success.


Currently the course covers six main themes relevant for current or future Editors-in-Chief:

  • Understanding the role of an editor
  • Building a mission and vision for your journal
  • The peer review process and decision making
  • Publishing and research ethics
  • Developing the content and profile of your journal
  • How to measure success


To register your interest and learn more about this new resource, which will be launching shortly, please speak to your Wiley journal manager. In the meantime, visit which offers information and guidance to support editors in providing the best experience for authors and peer reviewers.


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