Anne-Marie Green
Anne-Marie Green
Content and Community Marketing Manager, Wiley

Our last top 10 list of the year brings together our most popular posts from the world of research and scholarly communications. Open science and promotion of research continue to be hot topics. Which posts resonated most with you? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Infographic: Navigating the World of Citation MetricsGettyImages-172251930-lab scientist.jpg
  2. An Illustrated History of Open Science
  3. Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day: Men as Allies
  4. How to Effectively Publicize Your Research
  5. How to Proofread Your Thesis
  6. Trailblazing Women in Science: An Illustrated History
  7. How to Choose Effective Keywords for Your Article
  8. What Will Libraries of the Future Look Like?
  9. Open Science Trends You Need to Know About
  10. 8 Simple Steps to Getting Your Work Noticed


Image credit: Getty Images