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Vicky Kinsman
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Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced reviewer, getting involved in the peer review process can be a highly rewarding experience that improves your own research and furthers your career. Our new peer review quiz puts your reviewing skills to the test to help you discover if you’ve got the strength of Thor, need to boost your reviewing power like the Hulk, or need a little more training to overcome reviewer kryptonite.


At the end of the quiz, sign up to tell us more about your peer review experience and we’ll send you tailor-made peer review training and information on our reviewing opportunities.


If your article is currently going through the peer review process, find out more about peer review here or keep reading to discover how to become a reviewer yourself.


Who can become a reviewer?

Anyone who is an expert in the article’s research field can become a reviewer. Journal editors are often looking to expand their pool of reviewers which means there may be demand for your particular specialist subject area. Editors might ask you to look at a specific aspect of an article, even if the topic is outside of your specialist knowledge.  Their invitation to you will outline exactly what they would like you to assess.


How do I become a reviewer?

Peer review is a good opportunity for early career researchers to play a role in the research community and gain valuable experience to help improve their own research writing. There is no one way to become a reviewer, but there are some common routes. These include:


  • Asking a colleague who already reviews for a journal to recommend you
  • Networking with editors at professional conferences
  • Becoming a member of a learned society and then networking with other members in your field of study (or does she mean physical location here?)
  • Contacting journals directly to inquire if they are seeking new reviewers
  • Seeking mentorship from senior colleagues
  • Working for senior researchers who may then delegate peer review duties to you


How do I build my confidence and learn more?

If you’re new to peer review and feel unsure of yourself, don’t worry, confidence will come with experience! A good place to start is by seeking out the guidance of a more experienced colleague or mentor who can help you build up your track record and gain confidence.


From understanding the basics of the peer review process, to overcoming common challenges, and gaining recognition for your reviewing activity, there is a wealth of information available in our peer review training center for you to explore.  The resources are free for you to access and include videos, expert interviews, infographics, and guides to help you understand the review process and improve your skills—you’ll be a reviewing superhero in no time!


Are you a reviewing superhero or a super-bad reviewer? Take our fun quiz and test your reviewing skills.


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