Katey Maye
Katey Maye
Library Services, Wiley

We are thrilled to announce Cristina Caminita, Head of Research & Instruction Services at Louisiana State University, as this year's winner of our National Library Week contest: Embedded Librarianship.


The nomination we received on behalf of Cristina is an exemplary illustration of how librarians are making an impact on student learning through embedded librarianship.


caminitacristina.jpg“Cristina Caminita’s experience in embedded librarianship is deep and multifaceted. Using a relationship-centered approach, she works to develop close connections with faculty and students by building and maintaining knowledge of programmatic goals and objectives and of specific class needs. She strengthens her approach by regularly integrating new methods and feedback based on how students learning objectives are met. An example of Cristina’s commitment can be seen through NFS 3110, where she has been embedded for over 4 years. In this course, Nutrition Counseling and Education, students develop evidence-based practice skills by writing a paper that requires them to identify and summarize nutrition counseling intervention scholarship and apply what they have learned in the scholarship to an observed nutrition counseling session. Cristina meets with the class face-to-face three times during the semester, using each successive session to advance and reinforce students’ understanding of research and methods through active learning exercises. She is also deeply integrated in the Moodle site for the course. There, she provides learning objects, including videos, documents, and polls, to underscore student learning. She runs a forum within Moodle, coordinating student participation and providing detailed feedback on an activity that the professor, in turn, uses as formative assessment. Finally, Cristina’s commitment to supporting student learning extends beyond the classroom space as she meets with these students in research consultations as needed. Her approach is collaborative and she works closely with the professor at the end of the semester to assess the experience and identify improvements for the subsequent embedding.

Cristina has become an integral element of NFS 3110 and, as such, has impacted student learning. But another very significant way she has impacted student learning at Louisiana State University (LSU) is by serving as a model for other Research and Instruction librarians at LSU Libraries. She is active in sharing her experience and insights with fellow librarians, empowering them by strengthening their ability to adopt this approach and by providing feedback and support as they embedded. As a result of her mentorship, a third of the librarians in this department have implemented student-centric embedding to deepen the disciplinary support they provide to their departments. “


- Emily Frank, Research & Instruction Librarian, Louisiana State University


Please join us in congratulating Cristina! She will receive a $1500 travel grant to attend the Charleston Conference in 2017.


Image: Cristina Caminita, Photo credit: Cristina Caminita