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Helen Eassom
Author Marketing, Wiley

If you’ve ever published a paper with Wiley, you’ll likely have used our Author Services website, and we understand that sometimes the submissions process can be challenging.  With that in mind we’re constantly looking for better ways to better serve our customers. That's why we’re really excited this week to announce the launch of our new and improved Author Services site, which is now activated for the majority of Wiley’s 1600+ journals!


Author Services is a website where authors can find services, resources and support to publish with Wiley. We asked and you told us what you wanted as part of your experience as an author with us.


The new Author Services site is designed to serve a diverse audience, from authors and researchers, to reviewers, funders and editors. The website provides a clean, more visual interface with improved performance, meaning that you’ll be able to easily carry out a range of functions, including payment of open access fees and article license signing. You’ll also be able to access a host of other valuable features, including article citation metrics, author resource pages, and peer review training tools.




What does the new Author Services site offer?


Author Services offers the following features which we hope will contribute to a much improved experience:


  1. Author, Reviewer and Editor Resource Centers: Our pages for authors, reviewers and editors are designed to assist with every stage of the publication process. Here you’ll find various training tools, videos and other visual assets, journal finder and toolkits to help you achieve quality, reach and impact. There are also links to editing and translation services, journal submission sites and author guidelines, not to mention online support whenever you need it.
  2. Author Dashboard: The Author Dashboard provides a one-stop shop, where you’ll be able to access all of the relevant information connected to your publications and carry out a range of tasks, including ordering OnlineOpen, making open access payments, and viewing article citation metrics. You’ll also be able to access additional options for your articles, including ordering video abstracts and reprints.
  3. Article Citation Metrics: From the Author Services site, you’ll be able to view the number of citations your articles receive, with a link to the published article on Wiley Online Library.
  4. Online Licensing Service: Using the Online Licensing Service, you’ll now be able to change, edit and sign your license agreements yourself, saving time and effort. All licenses are stored in a repository for easy viewing and retrieval.


Setting up an account and registering with Author Services is straightforward, and free. Check  the new site out here, and let us know what you think!

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