Kelly Neubeiser
Kelly Neubeiser
Author Marketing, Wiley

The movement towards open access is stronger than ever before. Every day, more funders, institutions and industry stakeholders are supporting free and global access to all research. Just last week, European Union leaders broadened their efforts and announced that from 2020, all scientific articles must be open access.


When you publish open access, your work can be read, seen and cited by everyone around the world, gaining you the visibility and impact your research deserves. But the ability for anyone to access your work doesn’t negate your rights as the author. With a Creative Commons license, you retain full copyright of your work. Each of the six different licenses outline various permissions about attribution, reuse and modification.


Check out our infographic below and see which option is right for your research. All Wiley fully open access journals and most of Wiley’s subscription journals with the OnlineOpen option offer a Creative Commons license. Find more information on the open access agreements available at Wiley.


creative-commons-licenses (3).jpg