Vikki Renwick
Vikki Renwick
Assistant Marketing Manager, Author Marketing, Wiley

bridge+over+water.jpgTo coincide with Open Access Week 2015, we hosted a webinar to give authors tips on how to successfully publish open access; from finding the best journal, to complying with mandates and promoting their published paper.

Natasha White and Liz Ferguson, both from Wiley, were joined by Alice Meadows from ORCiD and Charlie Rapple from Kudos for a 60 minute journey through the world of open access. Authors from 15 different countries tuned in, asking some great questions about ORCiD, Kudos and the publishing process in general.

Many of the questions asked about ORCiD were from our early career researchers. A few highlights include:

- You can register for an ORCiD before you’ve published your first paper.
- You can associate anything with a DOI to your ORCiD, as well as manually associate books and book chapters.
- ORCiD is not intended to be a profiling tool – you can choose how much of your work is made public.
- Your ORCiD can be linked to your social profiles.
- If you change institutions your ORCiD can be taken with you.
- Trusted users can be added to your account to update your profile on your behalf.

Questions around the Kudos platform recapped some of the key ways in which Kudos can help promote your work:

- Kudos uses metrics from usage data, citation data and Altmetrics, and maps it against your promotional activity to measure the most effective channel to promote your article.
- Kudos can highlight the most efficient way to increase the reach of your work.
- You can use Kudos for everything you’ve published that has a DOI.
- Institutions are increasingly using Altmetrics to monitor the reach of published work.

During the webinar we asked viewers to vote in some popup polls – here’s what we learned:

80% of viewers had not published open access.
22% of viewers who published open access did so under both green and gold open access.
64% of viewers have an ORCiD.
66% of viewers promoted their article via social media or academic networks.  The remaining viewers have not promoted their article.

If you missed this webinar or one of our previous ones, you can watch them all on demand via the Wiley Author Services Channel.

Image Credit/Source: bingdian/Getty Images