Laurel Haak
Laurel Haak
Executive Director, ORCID

It has been great to have Wiley partner with us to integrate ORCID identifiers and communicate their importance to the research community. There have been a number of exciting recent developments at ORCID and in the community that show real progress toward our mission of solving the name ambiguity problem in scholarly communications.


    • To aid organizations integrating ORCID identifiers. this past January, we released the Member Support Center, a new website that provides use-case based communications and technical support.


    • In March, we were awarded a $3 million grant from The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust to develop the infrastructure and capacity to support international adoption and technical integration of ORCID.



    • We have worked with over 25 members to launch integrations with ORCID, including Oxford University, MIT, CalTech, and, most recently, the Modern Language Association International Bibliography


    • The number of ORCID registrants has increased to over 1.4 million globally – our goal is to reach 3 million by the end of the year.


June alone has seen three exciting initiatives come to fruition.

First, on June 17, our integration with the MLA International Bibliography went live. This is an especially important integration because it is our first with a predominantly humanities database, enabling the many thousands of scholars in language and related fields to easily link their ORCID records to their works in the database.

Then, on June 22, Italy announced a national ORCID consortium. Led by Cineca, and under the auspices of ANVUR and CRUI, Italy will be implementing ORCID in 74 member institutions initially. Their goal is to ensure that by the end of 2016, at least 80% of Italian researchers have registered for an ORCID iD and connected it to their last 10 years of research outputs.

The following day, we were delighted to announce another national membership agreement, in the UK and led by Jisc; more than 50 universities will be participating in a coordinated implementation project.

With all of these developments, our new Director of Communications, Alice Meadows, who came on board in mid-May, has certainly been busy! “It’s been wonderful to have so much good news to share in my first month,” she told me.

In addition to supporting Alice’s position, funding from the Helmsley Trust has also allowed us to build a global membership team. Led by Doug Wright, the team includes Josh Brown (Europe), Matthew Buys (Middle East & Africa), Nobuko Miraiyi (Asia Pacific), and Lilian Pessao (Latin America). We’ve already started hosting regional workshops, and look forward to partnering with our members—including Wiley – to demonstrate how ORCID is being used across the research community.

So what’s next you might ask? Scheduled for release in 2015: auto-updating ORCID records with new publication information via CrossRef; functionality to support acknowledgement of editors and peer reviewers; and improvements to our APIs.

Stay tuned! You can register to receive updates via our blog or follow us on LinkedIn or twitter at @ORCID_Org.ORCID.PNG

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