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Thanks so much to everyone who participated in our blog celebrating gender equality. We were thrilled to see more than 130 comments over the course of the twenty days, with some really interesting discussions throughout.

Our website was trafficked by 189 countries all around the world, making this a truly international celebration.

In her contribution to the blog, Dr. Philomena Essed, Professor of Critical Race, Gender and Leadership Studies, Antioch University, PhD program in Leadership and Change, wrote:

“The underrepresentation of women is largely a form of gate keeping. Systemic discrimination against particular groups has a non-identical twin I call cultural cloning: normative preferences for combinations of masculinity, whiteness, European-ness, able-bodied-ness and related markers. The erosion of care and empathy, the indignity of greed, the commodification of lives and bodies, just to name a few, are among the champions of masculinity. Change should not only include more women at the top, but conscious efforts as well to end the mindless cloning of inflated masculine values.”

To which commenters replied:

“WOW I have been blind to all of the cultural indifference that is amongst our population. A change in how we look at all people, especially women, is something we need to be fighting even harder for. Thank you for opening my eyes to see the perpetualism that taunts our world.” –Cee Jay


“I agree, and "inflated" seems like a key word to end with. There is definitely a pattern of bloating the responsibilities of standing faculty (by drawing down tenure lines, padding with precarious adjunct positions, inflating enrollment of high-profit masters programs causing more advising and meeting hours for them) making the lifestyles of most full time faculty so hopelessly overcommitted that their talks come off as written in the moments before they are given without serious contributions being made, furthering a personal brand at the expense of pursuing real knowledge production and real change--not to mention doing real mentoring. It is easy to stomach if you want to live life like an executive and tough to stomach if you want to truly teach or even simply generate meaningful, risk-taking research. I have watched over and over again male students ask favors or for the creation of paid work in circumstances that I would have found inappropriate or overly aggressive, and they are rewarded, while, finding new boldness in their gains, I have asked for similar with little or nothing to show for it because "the money isn't there." –Joanna Siegel

We were proud to be able to open eyes and share the thoughts of our society partners and authors.

We hope to continue with similar cause-driven celebrations, including a June collection of research and blogging surrounding LGBTQ month in June. Be sure to stop by The Philosopher’s Eye blog starting on May 30 as the discussion on LGBTQ rights kicks off.

International Women's Day

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