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Chris Graf
New Business Director, Professional Innovations, Wiley

Publishing ethics (5)We hope that you and our other readers – editors, scholars, researchers and practitioners from the multidisciplinary communities we serve – are finding the Second Edition of our publishing ethics guidelines to be even more useful than our First Edition.

These new guidelines are significantly different, and the world is changing rapidly. So we’d love you to help us understand now what we’ve got right, and how we could do better.

Our Second Edition is a comprehensive update to the guidance we published for you in late 2006. Google counts 118 cites to the First Edition, and we know that readers downloaded our First Edition 6,905 times over the past five years. Looking at Mendeley data via Altmetric for the First Edition of our guidelines, we also know something about our readers, and so we might imagine who’s likely to read our Second Edition:


    • Professionals, Masters Students, Professors, Doctoral Students, and Journal Editors


    • Working in Medicine, Biological Sciences, Psychology, Social Sciences, and Education


We know, from three experts who shared their stories, why publishing ethics is important.  And we published 10 tips for editors, as a quick entry-point.

So how do our guidelines (new and old) work for you now?  Do, please, let us know by leaving a comment below or tweeting us @WileyExchanges. And, just to recap, all the links you’ll need are below.

1. The six places you can find our Second Edition. Simultaneous online publication in 5 journals, and publication on the Wiley Exchange website:

In Headache

In Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

In Advanced Materials

In Social Science Quarterly

In International Journal of Clinical Practice

On the Wiley Exchange website.

2. The First Edition. Published in International Journal of Clinical Practice, late in 2006

3. The three stories from experts.

4. Our Top 10 Tips for editors.

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