Vikki Renwick
Vikki Renwick
Assistant Marketing Manager, Author Marketing, Wiley

Wiley English Language Editing ServiceThere should be no barriers to getting your research published, yet manuscripts are often returned for English language and formatting issues. Wiley English Language Editing Services (ELES) offers authors access to a suite of services to help them prepare their manuscript – making the submission process easier.

“My manuscript entitled "Microscopic Polyangiitis associated with Pulmonary Fibrosis", a work about medicine, was rejected by some journals because its English redaction wasn't appropriate. After I sent it to Wiley Editing Service it was approved! One of the reviewer(s) said ‘This paper is well written and includes an important message for physicians.’ I'm very happy and grateful to Wiley ELES and I'll send future works.”  — M. Fernández Casares, Argentina

What is available and how does it work?

ELES consists of four different services:

English Language Editing (1)

There are two levels of editing: basic and advanced. For each service Wiley will pair you with a native English speaker in your area of research who verifies that the terminology and phrasing are correct, and checks for spelling and grammatical mistakes.

For the advanced editing service, your paper will also be edited by an experienced senior editor who will provide additional edits and in-depth suggestions on improving the flow of the document.

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Translation Services (2)

Our translation service provides assistance to researchers who are more comfortable writing in a language other than English. The service offers translation from Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish into English – as well as reverse translation. Each translation includes English language editing. Our translators are academics with advanced degrees, who will provide an accurate, high-quality translation in your field.

ELES certIf you choose to use the English Language Editing or Translation Service, Wiley will guarantee that your paper will not be rejected for language reasons. We’ll even provide you with a certificate to submit alongside your paper, allowing journal editors to feel confident that the English language in your paper has been reviewed and verified by Wiley Editing Services.

Manuscript Formatting (3)

Journals often have specific style guidelines. Our skilled formatters ensure that your manuscript and references are formatted accordingly – saving you valuable time.

Support includes:

  • Citations, references, and layout of the document adjusted to the correct conventions
  • Figures and tables moved to the correct location
  • Figure titles and legends standardized to the journal specifications.

Figure Preparation (4)

Are all your figures and illustrations hand drawn? This service will create publication ready figure files, set to the correct size, resolution and layout to suit the specific journal you are submitting your research to – enhancing the impact of your research article.

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“It is very helpful to me!” — X. qingjie, China

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