Marlo Harris
Marlo Harris
Director,  Digital Product Management, Wiley

If you hear the sound of corks popping in the general vicinity of a Wiley office this week, it will probably be the sound of our colleagues celebrating the launch of the Anywhere Article – the new enhanced HTML article on Wiley Online Library!

AA article IpadA Passion for Readability and Portability
As recent blog posts (Designing a Better HTML Article and The Challenges and Technology Behind the Responsive Anywhere Article) indicate, a great deal of user insight, technical expertise, and meticulous design considerations have gone into the development of the Anywhere Article. That effort is reflected in every detail on the page, from the clean presentation of content, to the highly functional figure viewer, to the unobtrusive yet easily accessible reference lists.


The strict focus on readability was supplemented by a strict focus on portability. The Anywhere Article does not discriminate against device or mobility. The responsive web design means that each and every feature is delivered with elegance and utility, whether you’re reading on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.


But it’s just the beginning
This week’s launch means the Anywhere Article team has a lot to celebrate! But, our work isn’t done. This first release is just a taster. There is a lot more functionality to add in forthcoming releases, such as citation tools, article level metrics, embedded video, related content recommendations, and much more.


Tell us what you think
The direction of future developments, will be driven by user feedback. We are very interested to hear what our readers think about the Anywhere Article; all comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. We want to know about anything we can do – from a minor tweak to a major addition – that would make the scholarly research experience more efficient, productive, and enjoyable.


Now, we invite you to test drive the Anywhere Article. Try this example or go to your favorite journal on Wiley Online Library, find an article of interest (perhaps from the free sample issue), and click the “Enhanced Article (HTML)” link. After having a good look around, click the “Enhanced Article Feedback” link, and please tell us what you think!