In today’s knowledge economy, training is one of the best ways a company can set itself and its employees up for success. Individuals with strong training can go on to lead the company and become mentors and role models.

However, some companies get stuck in the mindset that only middle or senior managers already in the company should receive training. While these companies think they are setting themselves up for success, they are actually ignoring a large demographic who needs training: new recruits.


Training recruits effectively can increase productivity and revenue right from the start. It can get recruits up and running right away so that they can bring more to the team and organization as a whole.


But how can you be sure you are properly training them? What if you spend large amounts of money on training only to have those employees fail out or decide to leave the company on their own? By having a strong plan in place, a company can reduce the risk of wasting money on recruits who won’t end up making the cut.


How efficiently are you training your new recruits.PNG