What Makes a Leader Truly Great?

Posted May 25, 2016

Leaders have the power to influence others, and with that power comes the responsibility to lead a team to success. What leadership skills and qualities do you need to encourage, empower, and inspire others? There are several traits associated with being a successful leader that range from dependability and curiosity to optimism and commitment.  According to Kouzes & Posner, authors of The Leadership Challenge, “You simply can’t do your best without searching for new experiences, doing things you’ve never done, making mistakes, and learning from them.” Discover what other influential Wiley authors have to say about what it takes to be a great leader.

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Some people claim that leaders are born, but that’s not the case in today’s world.  Good leaders know that they need to be continually evolving and changing to keep up with the demands of their role and what their employees and mentees need from them.


Thus, leadership is an ever-changing skill that anyone can nourish in order to become a better role model. And there are things individuals can focus on in order to improve their communications, one-on-one interactions, and ability to model the behaviors they are hoping to see in others.


Everything from scheduling out time to listen to talks from famous leaders to studying how others lead by example can help when trying to improve leadership skills. Even stopping to get feedback from mentees and employees can serve to improve how an individual views leadership and understands what those who follow are looking for in a good leader.


No matter the avenue of improvement an individual turns to in their quest for developing their leadership capabilities, it stands true that the more effort an individual puts into trying to become a strong leader, the more likely they are to succeed. And a successful leader makes for a successful team.


For more information on the next steps to take in order to improve leadership skills, check 10 Steps to Becoming a Better Leader.


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