If you had to guess what one skill employers look for most in employees and potential candidates, it might take you a few guesses to figure out that it isn’t good interview skills or their knowledge of certain software. It’s actually a skill that encompasses those and so much more because the skill they are looking for is leadership. Employers are looking to hire employees who can work well on teams, take initiative, communicate well, work strategically, problem solve, and guide and inspire those around them.


These are the kinds of skills that can take an organization from good to great because they’re the traits that continually drive individuals forward and help them exceed their potential. Moreover, good leaders, no matter their age or level of seniority, can create successful teams, foster loyalty and commitment, enhance motivation, and generate better outcomes.


With all the benefits of employing good leaders, it is easy to see why companies and hiring mangers are actively seeking out candidates with this ability. But what can individuals do to ensure that they have the skills it takes to be a good leader? They can start by checking out Leadership Competencies and the Skills Employers Look For. Here we explain some of the top skills that will help you to become an individual others want to follow and believe in.


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