For twentysomethings, growing up in today’s technology saturated world isn’t always easy. Twentysomethings face a myriad of challenges and obstacles that their predecessors never had to face, and yet, they are magically expected to leap over these hurdles with little to no guidance while also facing the judgment of their superiors.


However, while it seems like older generations cannot relate to the younger generations of today, in reality, they can actually offer a lot of real world advice that twentysomethings will still find applicable to life today.


Older generations look back and recall humorous, entertaining, and thoughtful lessons that influenced their youth and defined who they are today. And while sharing those stories, they cover everything from how to define success and handle heartbreak to following one’s passion and not letting fear get in the way. But no matter what they say or how they say it, twentysomethings can benefit from the encouragement and guidance that can only come from someone who has been there before.


Here we share thoughts and advice from authors, CEOs, and community leaders on what they wish they had known when they were 22 years old.


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