Whether you’re getting ready to start your career or hoping to move in a new direction, looking for a new job can be one of the most stressful times of your life. You hover inside a cloud of uncertainty over whether or not your resume made it to the hiring manager, whether or not you said the right thing in the interview, or in some cases whether or not you can even pay your rent this month while you hold out for an offer.


While all of those uncertainties press in around you, it can seem like an easy solution to give up your job hunt before you even begin or to take a position that doesn’t truly interest you. But while it may seem hopeless at times, all is not lost. There are a lot of myths surrounding job searches that simply aren’t true. For instance, that being good at interviews is the most important thing, when in reality it is not. There are several steps before that, like writing and editing your resume and getting the HR department to notice it that can be just as important. Some people may say that you’d be a fool not to take the first job offered to you. But if it’s something you know you’ll dislike, taking it may not be your best choice.


It’s easy to get lost in the sea of myths surrounding job hunting, but don’t let these dated ideas hold you back from finding the right job for you. For tips on how to ignore common job hunting myths and get yourself back on track while job hunting, check out these 7 common job hunting myths.


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