What does it take to be a successful leader? Anyone can be put into a leadership position, no matter his or her age, but not everyone is successful at becoming a good leader. Anyone beginning their leadership development must effectively grow into the role and work to become the type of leader people willingly want to follow.


You might think that if you asked everyone across the world what traits and characteristics the people they follow and respect possess, you would get as many answers as there are people. But you would be wrong.


Across cultures and decades, people have gravitated to the same few leadership qualities, showing that these traits are universally admired and desired. But if it really is as simple as adopting a few traits, then why isn’t everyone an amazing leader? It comes down to understanding these traits and implementing them in a way that your team or colleagues will be able to relate to and understand.


Studying and employing the characteristics of a good leader can help you to become a respected leader that others admire. To learn more about what these qualities are and how you can implement them into your leadership style, check out the 4 Qualities Every Student Leader Should Have from Wiley.


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